amy270“Game Changer” … “Mecca for Curls” … “A Place Just for Us!” … “Now I Love my Curls!”
I’m sure you have been awaiting this moment for your entire life… for a salon which exclusively specializes in naturally textured curly hair.
Here at Ambushed, we embrace the unique natural beauty of you and your curls. As an exclusively curly hair salon, we are dedicated to sharing our passion for curls with you and providing our clients with a customized experience, different than anything you’ve ever had before. Every service begins with a personalized assessment based upon the 4 Pillars: our foundation to giving you the curls you’ve always wanted. The philosophy behind the 4 Pillars to Beautiful Curls was created and perfected through a collection of personal experiences and education by myself, Amy Bush…

In 2008, I listened to my soul and decided it was time to start a new journey. I was inspired by the growing underground movement of naturally textured curly hair. Already, 60% of my clients had curly hair. So, I went out on my own as an independent stylist with the goal to begin rebuilding my clientele to be exclusively naturally textured curly hair. In six months, I had reached my goal of 100% curly. A friend of mine suggested I should open a salon and call it Ambushed. From that moment, I was obsessed. It had to be done. And so it was. In 2010, I opened the doors to Ambushed Salon in the Short North Arts District with just me and a part time desk support staff member. We have since moved to the beautiful Creekside area in Gahanna and continue to work to bring you the best team of Curl Specialists to care for your curls. I have also launched the Ambushed Curl Academy so that I may share my passion for education with stylists across the globe. It’s been a long journey but I have never felt more satisfied with my career since my decision to redirect my focus to helping others embrace their curls.

I hope you accept this invitation to start your curl journey with us!
Amy Bush
Founder and Curl Specialist