About Ambushed

Here at Ambushed we embrace the unique natural beauty of you and your curls.

As Ohio’s first exclusively curly hair salon, we are dedicated to sharing our passion for curls with you and providing our clients with a customized experience, different than anything you’ve ever had before. All of our services are specifically tailored to each individual’s curly hair needs. Our services include Consultations, Curl Shaping, Styling, Coloring & Products. Every appointment begins with a personalized assessment based upon the 4 Pillars: our foundation to giving you the curls you’ve always wanted. The philosophy behind the 4 Pillars to Beautiful Curls was created and perfected through a collection of personal experiences and education by Amy Bush and passed down to our Curl Specialists though our Curl Immersion Program and also taught globally through the Ambushed Curl Academy. Make an appointment today and let us help you embrace your curls.