Welcome to Ambushed Salon

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About Us

Here at Ambushed we embrace the unique natural beauty of you and your curls.

As Ohio’s first exclusively curly hair salon, we are dedicated to sharing our passion for curls with you and providing our guests with a customized experience. Stephen Covey says ”seek first to understand, then to be understood.”

This is why every appointment begins with a personalized assessment consultation, curl shaping, product application and styling, all based upon The 4 Pillars of ArchiTEXTURE: our Methodology designed to give you the best your curls deserve. However, our passion and support doesn’t end there. We are also committed to teaching you how to care for your curls at home with a program designed to your specifications. We are also available after you leave the salon for any questions or guidance – not just the hour or two you are in the salon. This way you can feel you are living your best natural curl life.

photo of Amy Bush

A Note From Amy

“Game changer” … “Mecca for curls” … “A place just for us!” … “Now I love my curls!”

Welcome, Natural Curl lovers! These are just a few of the comments I hear on the regular! And if you are reading this then I can only imagine that is because you are looking for the same thing.

My vision has never wavered since 2008 when I decided to embark on the path of creating a salon exclusively for naturally textured curls. A place that welcomed all backgrounds and cultures as long as the focus has been for the individual to embrace themselves and their curls.

It’s been a long journey but I have never felt more satisfied with my career since my decision to redirect my focus to helping others embrace what is natural and unique.

I hope you accept this invitation to start your Curl Journey with us!
Amy Bush
Owner & Founder

Key Beliefs

These statements represent our philosophies and are the cornerstone of our systems.

I believe…the key to happiness is feeling heard, seen and understood. Communication is an idea shared between two or more individuals. Each and every visit will begin with a conversation centered around you and your curls.

I believe…that curls can be shaped wet and/or dry. Having this education allows our curl team to have more tools available in order to deliver results. 

I believe…the better we can create a home care program customized for you, the more success you will attain. This program requires us to teach you about your specific products and how to style your curls.

I believe…your natural texture is wonderful just as it is and all it requires is acceptance. We are here to accept and celebrate all of your uniqueness and help you to see it too!