Ester Montalvo


When I first started cosmetology school, I actually was aiming to become an esthetician. But after being exposed to hair, I suddenly felt drawn to switch. I decided to take a risk and change specialties. As I started working with different clients at school, I realized I was very drawn to and inspired by my curly clients. I was always encouraging them to let me style their hair curly and not straight! This pushed me to research more about curly hair to fill in the gaps from what I was learning in school. I watched countless YouTube videos trying to learn everything I could to expand my knowledge and understanding.

Not only did I want to be able to share this information with my clients, but I myself was discovering and learning about my own curls. I had buzzed my hair off before starting school and as it grew back in, I was figuring out what to do with it.

Towards the end of my program, I happened to drive by Ambushed Salon and realized they specialize in natural curls. I was so excited to learn that a place for just curls existed and was hopeful that maybe there was a spot for me there. Being a specialist in my field was always something I wanted to do as I craved a challenge. I had realized that I found doing straight hair boring. Curly hair is different and exciting as no two curly heads are exactly alike!

I have learned more than I could imagine about curly hair during my internship with Ambushed and feel as though I’ve truly found my passion. I am excited to share my love of curls with you!

Ester is fluent in both English and Spanish.

Curl Shaping
• Express Dry Cut – $70-80
• Curl Shaping Cut & Style – $80-110
• Makeover Curl Cut – $100-120

• Wash & Style – $80-100

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