Deja Howard

Deja is joining the Ambushed Team as our newest intern! Her and Amy have been doing some one-on-one training over the last couple of months to get her started and we’re ready to begin accepting booking requests for intern services to be scheduled for April!
The internship is a wonderful way to educate new team members with the skills of providing services for all diversities of all curls. Pricing is at a affordable price due to this being in a learning environment. We love and value all of you who decide to elevate the interns learning journey.
If you are someone that loves to support our new team members, have the extra time and desire to have your curls shaped or enhanced with color, please fill out our form to request an intern appointment with Deja. She’ll be available Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Saturday’s starting in April 2024.

Curl Shaping
• Curl Shaping Cut & Style – $30-60

• All Over/Root Color – $50+

• Wash & Style – $30-40

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To book with Deja, please fill out our request form.
Request Apt with Deja