Curl Immersion Internship Program

Anytime a new stylist joins the Ambushed Team, they are required to go through our Curl Immersion Program led by Owner and Founder, Amy Bush. This learning program of unique curl techniques has been developed by Amy through her 30+ years of experience and education. It is our way of teaching and certifying each stylist with all the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as a Curl Specialist. Knowledge of global textures, cutting techniques, coloring, styling, product usage and communication are just a few of the valuable skills they gain throughout this process. Without it, they would not be able to provide the customized services Ambushed is known for. While they are learning, our interns provide services at a discounted rate. This is a great opportunity to support their learning!

What to expect during an intern service:
-A longer appointment. Since they are learning and going back and forth with Amy throughout your service, it often takes longer than a typical appointment. They are often a bit slower as they are still figuring out the pacing of their techniques and may stop to ask more questions.
-A learning experience. You are participating as a live model for them to learn on. They are by no means experts just yet and are still experimenting with product choices and techniques.

You would be a good candidate if:
-You are patient with working through the process
-Are flexible on time
-Willing to give positive and constructive feedback for continued improvement
-Understanding that the intern is learning efficient communication skills
-Gracious with understanding limits of skill level

Amy’s guarantee:
I personally guide each intern through our interactive hands on learning program. It is important to myself and staff that you enjoy your experience while you are with us at Ambushed. If you are not fully satisfied with your service, please let me know before you leave. It is of our utmost desire to have you feeling your best.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!