Cydney Simon


Dublin, Ohio

I’ve always had a passion for makeup and nails and was told in order to do professional makeup, I needed to go to school. I soon realized that was false. Cosmetology school wasn’t about makeup at all, but about HAIR! Growing up, I struggled with my hair, so being able to perfect my craft and learn about hair and what to do with it, pushed me to pursue a career in the hair industry instead.

As a kid, for as long as I can remember, my mother always had me get relaxers. She had no clue what to do with my hair and found that to be the best option at the time. I always struggled with getting my hair brushed because it was so painful. Eventually, we ended up doing a big chop and expected my short hair would be easier to work with and less painful. Unfortunately, we were wrong. I still had to get relaxers and straighten my hair everyday for it to look decent. As my natural texture started growing out, I told my mom “no more relaxers” and she agreed. The longer my hair got, the more I embraced my natural texture and before I knew it, I was rocking my curly fro everyday! I’ve always loved my curls, but the process I dealt with as a child made me dislike my hair in general. Now that I’ve learned how to care for it and invest my time in doing so, I feel the most confident and beautiful with my curls.

Towards the end of my program at Aveda, Amy came to our school to do a demo for our class. She was so kind and thorough, I couldn’t keep my eyes off anything she was doing! I immediately fell in love with the salon and knew that’s where I wanted to start my career. Supporting others with their Curl Journey is my dream. I can’t wait to meet you! (And your curls!)



Instagram: @cydneyjadebeauty


For all scheduling and inquires, please reach out to her directly. Thank you!