In Solidarity with the Black community and the efforts they continue to make in their fight for equality, we at Ambushed Salon would like to voice our support of the peaceful protests and resistance that have taken place over the past few weeks.

The treatment Black people continue to face in this country is unacceptable. For there to be change WE HAVE TO STEP UP AND BE THE CHANGE. 

As the leader here at Ambushed Salon, I, Amy Bush, choose to continue to change that which is in my power! Diversity has always been the top priority in the culture of Ambushed Salon. Providing a space of love, support and acceptance of all. 

I believe knowledge is power, and  taking ACTION is our SUPERPOWER. The action I am committed to using is my voice. I will use my voice to speak out to combat the inequalities I see around me in the world. And I will encourage others to speak out and not stay silent. 

Now is a time where actions are more important than words. We urge everyone to take action in any way they can. Each one of us has our role to play. Whether it be protesting, donating or sharing information via social media, every bit of support counts. 

Let us stand together and raise our voices strong! 

Amy Bush & The Ambushed Team