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Ambushed Affiliates are stylists who have successfully completed our training course, often in the form of our Curl Immersion Internship, and have likely spent some time working as a part of our team. We consider them to have the Ambushed “Stamp of Approval.” This means they are proficient in our cutting techniques and styling methods. They are people we trust to refer our clients to as we often have people looking for a Curl Specialist in their area or with different availability.

As an Affiliate, they get to connect with like-minded individuals throughout the year during our training seminars. These events ensure their skills are kept up to date and create an atmosphere for sharing their own discoveries as well. To qualify for the program, they must meet a number of requirements, such as attending training sessions and keeping reviews at a certain rate.

*While they are affiliated with Ambushed Salon, keep in mind, they are completely separate entities. All scheduling, payment, policies, etc. run through the individual and are their own.


Mary Ailing (The Hair Depot Day Spa)
As your Curl Specialist, I will shape your curls while teaching curl education, maintenance, and health. I am here to help you love and embrace your naturally curly hair as much as I do!